Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Roasted turkey, roast beef, apple pie, 'mash potatos, baked potatos, gravy.

BBQ in November 2010

A cold BBQ in November.

Halloween 2010

Made two trips during October. Made hot pot (or "lau") one of those trips, with seafood and some vegges. On Halloween day took the two dogs up, Nini and Bobo, and even managed to get discounted outfits for them. They were too panicky around strangers, though, and Nini eventually got loose from us while we were out trick or treating. We put them both back.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

101017 - Fishing by the River

Nice, sunny day. No fishes, bought 4 lbs. line that was obviously not strong enough. Wasted whole bag of hooks, among other things, but was still worth it. We were there until the sunset. Once it disappeared under the horizon, it left traces of pinks and oranges on the clouds, creating a contrast between the incoming night sky and the departing day.

To make up for the lack of fishes caught we decided to dine in The Boiling Crab in Sactown. Nice environment, good selection of beer. Had 2 lbs. of crawfishes, another lb. of shrimp and oyster, and some fries on the side. Good stuff.